Ed Dabney Gentle and Natural Horsemanship Confidence Course. Step by step obstacles to develop confidence, trust, agility, awareness on part of horse.
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A Common Language

Backing off Trailer

Barn Sour

Bit & Cinch

Bite Size Trailer Loading


Bucking Habit

Buddy Issue

Buddy Sour

Calm Before the Show - How to help your horse be calm, cool and relaxed as you enter the show ring.

Colt Starting

Correcting a Horse

Curb Strap: How to attach the reins and curb strap properly to the bit.

Curb vs Snaffle Bit


Developing Leadership

Developing the Solid Stop

Discipline for Biting or Nipping

Dressage Horse on Trail Rides (Part 1)

Dressage Horse on Trail Rides (Part 2)

Engages and Disengage


Gait Responsibility

Hind Control

Horse protests upward gait transitions in the arena

Importance of Proper Equine Dental Care

Improvements in Methods since filming of this DVD

Lateral Flexion vs Over-bending

Laying Down and Upset With Other Horses

Longeing vs Six Keys

Make the Trailer a Good Place

Nipping Horse

Pasture Board Questions

Picking Up Hooves

Pinning Ears

Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier

Pull Back

Pulling at the Reins

Pulling Bit Follow too Close

Question on Use of the Aids

Read Your Horse, Part one

Read Your Horse, Part two

Rearing Up

Round Pen Use and Abuse

Sample List of Exercises

Sensitive to Insects

Sensitive to Movement

Speed Control on Trail

Spooking on the Trail


Stall vs Pasture Board

Stallions Aren't for Everyone

Stand to Mount

Tense and Willful

The Canter Depart

The Courageous Horse

The Laws of Rein Effect

The Tie Knot

Training a Horse to Accept Gunfire

Training Standards

Tribute to a Great Horseman

Turn on Forehand and Haunches

Turn Signal - You Look. He Looks. You go together

Turning Problems

Verona Horse Fair

Weanling Training and Handling

Where is the Comfort?

Why Use the Bit

Wire noseband tie downs

Your Horse CAN do this

Cowboys and Art and Film

I was invited to make a presentation on "Cowboys and Horses in Art and Film" at the esteemed Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA. The Booth Museum, in association with the Smithsonian Institution, is a 120,000 square foot museum where guests are invited to see America’s Story through contemporary Western artwork, a Presidential Gallery, a Civil War art gallery and an interactive children’s gallery.



9 part series is called "Saddling Tips"

Building a loop with one hand

Quick way to build a loop

Proper Use of Spurs (in English with Italian Translation)

Mecate as lead rope

Tying the lead rope of the mecate to the saddle

Open Range Cow Working Clinic in Finland - September 2012

Slideshow Cow Working Clinic in Finland - May 2012


Harnessing Horse and Cart