Notes of appreciation and praise for nationally known horse trainer-clinician Ed Dabney, Gentle and Natural Horsemanship training and horse training video Six Keys to Harmony. Read what others have to say about Ed Dabney's techniques and training video.
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Client Success Stories

An article from the United States Eventing Association magazine about a horse on which we did the foundation training and first riding for the owner, Carla Jimmerson.  Her horse, Tag, has become a great success in Eventing competitions.

"I did these exercises called Six Keys to Harmony by Ed Dabney gentle horsemanship. It’s a program here in Georgia. I’m friends with Ed and he had done a lot of clinics here at my farm so I used to watch him work with people on ground work. I learned from him how to do all that. So I started doing that as soon as I got him and it really helps. It’s a great way to train a horse without actually being on him.” She focused on these groundwork techniques for about two years and when he turned three, Jimmerson sent Tag to Dabney for two months to put the finishing touches on his base training. There, Dabney also did the initial backing and made sure Tag was safe for Jimmerson to mount. "

-Carla Jimmerson

"Just wanted to say thank you very much.  Zhivago is happy, relaxed, trusting, confident and educated.  Exactly what we needed.  He's going great!"

-Tawn Edwards, Eventing trainer and competitor

"Ed Dabney’s gentle approach to horsemanship was just what was needed to train our three-year-old gelding. When we brought him to Ed, he was green, somewhat under-muscled, and lacking confidence. In 60 days, his mind and body developed tremendously. He became more attentive to commands on the ground and under saddle, more consistent and smoother in his gaits, and easier to handle overall. We elected to have him stay another 30 days to work on cantering and trail training, and he made significant gains on both.

It was not just the horse that received training. Ed worked with us also to learn the 6 keys to harmony and maneuvers to develop confidence and problem solving! It was an excellent experience overall, and we highly recommend Ed’s training program!"

-Maryann Schroder

"I know very good natural horsemanship trainers. I myself have learned from a natural horsemanship trainer per excellence, Ed Dabney, a trainer of highest integrity and one of the best horsemen I have ever met, who shared his knowledge and love of the horse with me generously and with an open heart and who I will always hold in high esteem."

-Tatiana Kiselyova

"The clinic was outstanding and taught or reinforced skills that are fundamental to working with a horse and any riding discipline and I had fun.  
As well, I am elated with the work that has been done with my horse, Cass, while she has been in training at your facility.  The training and care she's received far exceeded my expectations!

I look forward to clinics in the future with Cass or another of my horses."


"This is a great place! We highly recommend them. We have a granddaughter that has always been very shy. Ed worked with her and her horse personally. She learned so much from him and gained confidence in working with her horse. She and her horse have built a great relationship. The young ladies that work there are great too. Our granddaughter’s horse wouldn’t allow a farrier to touch her before she went to Ed Dabney’s. I mean she would blow up every time. Those young ladies that train alongside Mr Dabney had her standing respectfully for the farrier in no time. The transformation was amazing! They are honest, hardworking folks."

-Teri Gibson

I wanted to thank Ed and his team for the amazing job they did with our rescue Clydesdale. We saved him from a kill pen and spent about a year or so at home getting him healthy and working on basic ground horsemanship. Unfortunately, he has some emotional scars on the ground and under saddle. We knew we needed a professional to help us continue his training. We chose Ed Dabney after reading his amazing reviews and diverse training background. Within a very short period he made some amazing progress with our horse. On the ground our horse would try to kick the farrier, and by the time he left Ed’s place, the farrier could safely trim all four hooves. He also had a HUGE buck under saddle. Between Ed and his team, they were able to get him walk, trot, cantering in just under 60 days. I highly recommend Ed for anyone looking for a trainer that truly has a natural horsemanship approach that works.

Thanks again everyone at Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship.

Abigail Kroupa
-      Current 3rdlevel USDF Dressage rider
-      2019 Regional Championships qualifier
-      Previous amateur owner show jumper up to 1.30 meters

Abigail Kroupa

"We decided to adopt the gentle-horsemanship techniques of Ed Dabney, as we believe his classical training approach will benefit not only our horses, but our athletes, and their handlers. As we prepare for Special Olympics of Georgia 2015, using gentle horsemanship techniques will enhance our training methods, and allow us to continue our quest of providing healing with horses in a safer environment."

-Melanie Vaughan, Bearfoot Ranch Board Member

"I've been to several other clinics, even week long clinics and have not learned as much as I did this weekend. Your patience(unbelievable) and your clear way of explaining everything brought me to a better relationship with my horse which is concisely what I was seeking!
Thanks again!!"

-Tracy Whiddon, Georgia

"I have found all of your advice very helpful and insightful. So glad you made horses a priority and are able to pass along knowledge. It is a special gift to the horse world! "


"I went to Ed's clinic with a good mannered mare without any expectations - and I came out with a mare who reads my mind. Ed is really amazing. I'm impressed"
-Anne Ollila, Finland

"Hello Ed,
Upon reflection, after spending 2 days at your North Carolina clinic, I am delighted with my experience of your Classical Riding Skills clinic. I learned so much and feel confident to practice well at home. Setting the tone and background with the evening presentation was inspired---I never knew the historical context and it really set us up for a deeper understanding of the principles in the clinic. Your patience and persistence were just right and kept the clinic moving, while also giving us time to sink into the maneuvers enough to be able to then take them home. Asking us (towards the end) if there was anything else we specifically wanted to cover made the difference between a good clinic and a great clinic.
I am already passing on your information to others who could benefit from your teachings.
Looking forward to the next round"
-Katie Birchenough

" Years of lessons, different trainers and a myriad of horses have not taught me nearly what I learned from you in just three days. Now I have six new keys to building a relationship with my horses. This will enable me to have a more enriching experience with every equine partner with which I work. These tools for communication and respect, I am delighted to say, have proven effective even in a short time since the clinic.

The Paso Fino gelding I work with is often easily excitable. Working through the Six Keys to Harmony exercises have proven invaluable in helping him concentrate and calm down. I cannot wait to learn more in the future.

Each and every moment of a Dabney Gentle Horsemanship clinic is a fantastic learning opportunity. Furthermore, the skills and concepts covered provide windows of knowledge and experience far beyond their immediate, practical applications. Ed and his family are patient, kind, caring and willing to assist greatly in the learning process for horse and rider both. I will be attending more clinics in the future, and I will try to bring friends! "
-Alex La Pierre

"Dear Ed,
The clinic and lessons were so great! I was impressed with your magnificient touch with the horses and your teaching skills. I feel the relation between me and my horse is getting better every day. I hope you had a good journey in Europe and we will see you soon here in Kokkola!
Best wishes "
-Katja Pulkkinen, Kokkola Finland

"Ed has been working with my daughter Danielle and our horse, Sassy. He is WONDERFUL. If you need help with your horse or need to perfect your seat,he is your man. He is so much more than a Natural Horseman."

-Sue Vetsch

"My horse, Harry, and I are finishing up our month of lessons with Ed and I
can honestly say it has been nothing short of life altering. Harry and I are very different since being at Ed's place. The first time I touched Harry all over and he didn't flinch, I had tears running down my eyes. I have waited a very long time to do that. I have worked very hard to gain Harry's respect and trust, and gotten it. In return he has given me love and gratitude. All the things Harry and I have learned from Ed, I have taught to my other horse, Kenny. If you have never taken a lesson with Ed, grab a horse and take a class! The knowledge you gain, and the confidence you get will be with you always. You will never regret taking a class with Ed. It's worth every penny, and every minute of your time!

Ed has infinite wisdom, infinite patience, and is the most gracious man
you will ever have an opportunity to work with. His trainer Katelyn, and
daughters Elizabeth and Madeline are as sweet and capable as Ed. They
made us feel comfortable and welcome. If you're looking for a better,
deeper relationship with your horse, Ed is your man. I highly recommend
him. We would not have made the gains we have without Ed's help and

-Peg Marshall. Georgia

"I just want to tell you that I loved your video and like very much how you interact and train your horses. I would love to study and work with you. I very much would like to learn how to start horses using your methods. Thanks again for being one of the 'good guys' and someone I can look up to in the horse industry."

Nancy Schiller - Rye Brook, New York

"Rick and I want to thank you for the time you spent at our home, working with us and with our horses. Your evaluation of our young quarter horse was on target."

"I want you to know that I learned more in the brief time you spent with us than I have in my entire past life working around and riding horses. Your quiet certainty and clear expertise left me feeling righteously humbled, aware of my needs, and so excited to begin studying your techniques, implementing them, and realizing the kind of honest, respectful relationship I have always dreamed of having with horses."

"I am thankful for their presence in my life, and equally thankful for your presence in theirs. I fully intend to continue my study of your work."

"God bless you and keep you."

Rick and Donna Harrison - Monroe, Georgia