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Horsemanship and Riding Instruction Goals

Please e-mail ed@eddabney.com to book a lesson or call 770-856-8250

A lesson plan is designed for each individual student to cover the topics that are of particular interest to you. The program can be designed to fit your goals, your schedule and proceed at your pace. Ed can provide lessons at our facility or yours.

Our lessons generally begin on the ground teaching six different exercises, known as the "Six Keys to Harmony", which help establish your leadership and open a bridge of communication with your horse. Then we will apply all these essential exercises mounted with consistent use of cues and body language communication. Much of the lesson emphasis is on rider safety, clear communication, light responses and quality of control of speed and direction.

Hores Training

Ed's teaching style is very clear and straight-forward, giving students a
methodical and systematic approach which is easy for both horse and rider to understand and apply. Ed's gentle methods have been proven effective by successfully working with hundreds of horses and humans. You will learn problem solving principles and teaching techniques that work with the horse's nature and instincts in order to overcome resistances with confidence, patience and understanding.

Our lessons are applicable to any riding discipline. You will develop a better relationship with your horse- lighter responses, more respect, trust, and harmony. You will understand how your horse perceives the ideas you present to him and how to communicate with him in the way he communicates with other horses. This is all accomplished with respect for the horse by using gentle, natural horsemanship techniques.

Horse Training

Beginners as well as advanced riders have found the skills taught in our lessons to be very useful. Ed's system of working with horses builds confidence in handling horses on the ground and mounted, equips owners with natural communication skills and establishes their authority as a confident, consistent leader for their horse.

Our seat lessons help you find your balanced, independent seat so you feel more secure in the saddle. You'll learn how to ride from your core, anchored into the horse so you cannot be dislodged. You'll discover how to eliminate bouncing and flow with the horse by allowing him to move you with his rhythm. With the safety of being on one of our good, calm lesson horses and being on the lunge, you will be able to really concentrate on improving your centered seat. You'll learn how to loosen up, relax and absorb the motion of the horse in your middle body.

Horse TrainingYou cannot hope to control the horse if you cannot first control your own body. Having a sympathetic or independent seat means you are not interfering with the natural motion and relaxed stride of the horse by being tense or gripping with the hands or legs. By being in full control of your body you will have clarity of the aids by being able to use your legs and hands for clear communication to your horse rather than using them for keeping yourself in the saddle. These seat lessons have proven to be very helpful even for experienced riders.

Our training and lesson facility is a beautiful, quiet place with a nice barn, shady pastures, large arena, round pen, big lake, wooded trails and our new "Adventure Trail Obstacle Course"!

We have plenty of nice lesson horses to help you build your skills and confidence.

Lessons and Training

Elizabeth DabneyElizabeth Dabney, a 6th generation horsewoman, carries on the family legacy of training with our Gentle Horsemanship methods. As the daughter of Ed Dabney, she learned from his instruction and through years of assisting with training and instruction in Ed Dabney's US Clinics and European Clinic Tours.

Elizabeth's ability to give clear, specific and patient instruction allows her students to gain confidence as they progress in the development of refined horsemanship skills.

Elizabeth teaches Adult, beginner to advanced lessons, and Advanced Youth riding lessons. She coaches and rides with three Mounted Precision Drill Teams, in which her communication skills with horses and humans have contributed to the achievement of multiple State and Regional Championships.

Youth Lessons

Madeline DabneyMadeline Dabney, a 6th generation horsewoman, truly loves working with children and has a gift for teaching and presenting instruction that young children are able to comprehend. She makes their instruction time interesting and fun with games and challenges while helping her young students develop self-confidence and leadership skills.

Madeline’s students learn about care and grooming of the horse, brushing, cleaning the hooves, saddling and bridling. They learn the Six Keys To Harmony which teaches them the method of understanding and communicating with horses in order to establish a respectful relationship with their horse. They will also understand the importance of preparing their horse on the ground, before riding for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Madeline’s students will learn to develop a balanced seat and safe riding skills. A riding helmet and shoes with heels are required for their lessons. Madeline loves to give her students an opportunity to learn about life on a horse farm. She creates activities to peak their interest and provides opportunities for her young riding students to become friends with one another.

Note: The wearing of a safety helmet and proper riding boots is recommended for these lessons.