Notes of appreciation and praise for nationally known horse trainer-clinician Ed Dabney, Gentle and Natural Horsemanship training and horse training video Six Keys to Harmony. Read what others have to say about Ed Dabney's techniques and training video.
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Client Success Stories

“In the tradition of Ray Hunt and Monty Roberts, Ed Dabney has transformed my two horses into well-mannered and gentle companions.”

Lu Fisher -   Monroe, GA

"I saw Ed Dabney's demonstrations which added to my great admiration for this fine man and wonderful clinician."

Anne Ensimenger -  Georgia Equine Rescue League

“Ed trained two horses for me with wonderful results.  He also worked with me so I would feel comfortable riding and handling my horses.  I would strongly recommend Ed Dabney as an excellent horse trainer.”

Bill Harrison -   Monroe, GA

“Ed Dabney did a great job teaching my horse the confidence he needed.  His patience, knowledge and experience was what my horse needed.”

Nina Murphy -  Loganville, GA

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