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Working Equitation Clinic

Working Equitation Clinic


May 29
Mansfield, GA
Covered Arena



$250 Participant
$25 Spectator

  • Blends classical riding, reining, obstacles
  • Develops better partnership and communication 
  • Challenging and fun!

The discipline of Working Equitation, which is very popular in Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, is quickly growing in popularity in the US because of the unique blend of classical riding movements, reining movements and negotiating obstacles.  Through the challenges of Working Equitation patterns, you will develop much closer partnership and communication with your horse.  
This clinic will be especially for those riders who are beginning in Working Equitation or are just curious about this discipline.  Speed will not be involved in this clinic.  Instead we will concentrate on the "Ease of Handling" portion of Working Equitation.  We will take everything slow and easy in a learning environment.  The standard Working Equitation obstacles will be used along with the prescribed patterns and methods of negotiating the obstacles.  We will take the horses through the obstacles in hand first then mounted.

For a fun look at the best of Working Equitation, search YouTube for videos of World Champion Pedro Torres.  Here is one example:

" I attended a working equitation class as an observer. It was an all day affair and a variety of horses, riders and saddles. Learning / working with obstacles and how to approach them for the first time and what to do if your horse wouldn’t approach. It started with just horses in halters with their riders in the ring for some ground work. It just got more interesting after that. The instructor was one of the best I have ever seen. In addition to the class, walking around the wonderful clean property with its outdoor arena, covered arena huge paddocks, round ring and much more. I learned a lot and saw even more. Very worth the two hour drive to Mansfield, GA. I encourage everyone to look up Ed Dabney’s website and look at the variety things that are offered. It’s a family affair, daughter Elizabeth runs the barn, gives lessons and has drill teams. Ed’s way with every horse he helped with was impressive - these horses WANTED to do what he was asking. Makes me long for a horse again. :) "