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Despooking Equestrian Clinic - Ed Dabney Gentle  Horsemanship________________________________________________

Advanced Riding Skills


June 22
Mansfield, GA
Covered Arena


$275 Participant
$25 Spectator

Release and Hold Harmless Policy
Cancellation Policy

In this clinic you will discover the exquisite riding techniques of the French masters of the 1600s. You will learn and practice the proper techniques to lightly and simply perform the traditional lateral movements with your horse. Ed's formal training has been in Classical Equitation. He is looking forward to helping you improve your riding skills through these centuries-old methods of lightness and harmony with your horse.

This clinic is appropriate for English or Western riders. Ed Dabney's blending of natural horsemanship and classical equitation has made an indelible mark with students all across the United States and in Europe, drawing the attention of serious riders searching for the lightest touch and the deepest connection with their horses irrespective of breed or discipline.

Pursue riding as an art!

In this clinic you will learn and practice riding with precision, accuracy and lightness. Instruction will be given in:

  • Essential warm up exercises
  • Review of basic riding skills (see our Essential Riding Skills Clinic information)
  • Confirm your secure, centered balanced seat and correct posture along with correct rein grip and hand and leg position
  • Correct use of the rein, leg and weight aids
  • Cues for smooth gait transitions
  • Maintaining gait including lengthening and shortening the stride
  • Lightness in stopping and backing
  • Proper canter depart from walk
  • Correctly executed turns on the forehand and turns on the haunches
  • Correctly executed leg yield, shoulder in, half-pass, and renvers

Much of what you'll learn and what you'll be teaching your horse during the weekend centers around safety, communication and developing your leadership position in your relationship with your horse.

Clinic Format

The clinic hours are 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday.  All riders are expected to be in the arena promptly at 10:00 AM with their horse saddled.  Riders should be on foot with their horse in hand on halter and lead.  Bridles should be attached to the saddle or hung nearby on the arena fence.  We will begin with some brief essential warm up exercises in hand then move into the mounted work for the remainder of the day.  Lunch break will be 1:00 – 2:00.  Riders should be mounted in the arena promptly at 2:00.

We will have the clinic rain or shine.  The clinic is held in our covered arena.  

Prerequisite for Participation

It is preferred that you have already participated in our Six Keys to Harmony clinic or in our Essential Riding Skills clinic. If you have not participated in either of those clinics, you still may participate in this clinic if you consider yourself at least an intermediate rider with a generally responsive horse. If you don’t have a horse or don’t want to bring your horse, you may rent one of our well-trained horses for $50 for the day.


Ed’s system of working with horses builds confidence in handling horses on the ground and mounted, equips owners with natural communication skills and establishes their authority as a confident, consistent leader for their horse. You will develop a better relationship with your horse- lighter responses, more respect, trust, and harmony. You will understand how your horse perceives the ideas you present to him and how to communicate with him in a way that makes sense to him. This is all accomplished with by using gentle, natural horsemanship techniques. 

Ed's teaching style is very clear and straight-forward, giving students a methodical and systematic approach which is easy for both horse and rider to understand and apply. His gentle methods have been proven effective by successfully working with hundreds of horses and humans. You will learn problem solving principles and teaching techniques that work with the horse's nature and instincts in order to overcome resistances and find solutions with confidence, patience and understanding.
You'll learn gentle horsemanship and classical riding techniques that you've never seen before and that are not taught in any other clinics.


Thirty-five years of working with horses in the ranching, motion picture and training industries along with Ed's formal training in 17th century classical equitation provide him with a very unique and broad basis of skills and knowledge to pass on to lesson participants. Ed has conducted clinics and taught riding skills all around the US, Canada and Europe. You'll learn gentle horsemanship and riding techniques that you've never seen before and that are not taught in any other clinics.

Follow Up Lessons

Following the clinic, Ed will be available for individual or group lessons. This a great opportunity for you to have a private session to improve the skills learned during the clinic. Ed will be happy to work with you and your horse on any particular problems or issues that are most important to you. Fee for individual lessons is $150 per hour.

Group sessions of two or more riders may also be arranged if there is a group of participants who would like to work on similar topics. Fee for group lessons is $75 per rider per hour.

These “after clinic” individual and group sessions are open to anyone including clinic participants or auditors who would like to work with their horse or with one of our school horses.

Despooking Your Horse Clinic

More Information on Ed Dabney Clinics

  • We require to see a current negative coggins before any horse is unloaded.  Please do not unload any horse on the concrete.  Drive into the Parking field before unloading.  You do not need a health certificate unless you are crossing state lines.  
  • We have stalls and outdoor paddocks available for $25 per day.  Our 10 x 12 stalls have shavings and water. 
  • You may trailer in the day before and stay the day after if you wish.  We have two RV hook-ups with 30 amp electric outlets and water hook-ups you can use at night (we need the faucets during the day to fill water troughs).  We live on site and have security gates that are closed at night.  RV hook-up is $10 per night.
  • Bring your lunch and beverage or there is a Subway and Pizza / Bar-B-Q 3 miles from our facility.  We have a refrigerator and microwave in the barn office you may use.
  • Minimum age for riders is 16.
  • No stallions, dogs, drugs, profanity or alcohol.  
  • No smoking near the barns or arenas.  

What to Bring:

Sack lunch and beverage, Lawn chair, Note pad and pen, rain slicker, all horse tack for participants: Snaffle bit (bring your own or they are available for purchase at clinic or from our web site prior to clinic) Rope halter with a 12-foot lead (bring your own or they are available for purchase at clinic or from our web site prior to clinic) Helmets are recommended and are required for participants under 18 years old. 

Location and Contact

The Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship Training Facility is located at 1034 Hodges Cir.  Mansfield, GA.  The clinic will be held in our covered arena.  

For any questions or problems please call Colleen at 770-856-8250.


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Essential Riding Skills Clinic with Ed Dabney Essential Riding Skills Clinic with Ed DabneyEssential Riding Skills Clinic with Ed Dabney Essential Riding Skills Clinic with Ed Dabney Essential Riding Skills Clinic with Ed Dabney